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Charlotte Stemler starts her PhD thesis on “Substrate specificities of baking lipases in fine bakery goods”. Welcome to our group!


New paper in Frontiers in Plant Science

Our review together with Thais O. Alves, Carolina T. S. D'Almeida and Mariana S. L. Ferreira entitled "Modern approaches in the identification and quantification of immunogenic peptides in cereals by LC-MS/MS" was just accepted today in Frontiers in Plant Science. We discuss the main proteomic techniques used in the identification and quantitation of gluten peptides related to celiac disease activity and wheat-related allergies. Read the full text here: doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01470 External Link


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Katharina Scherf receives the Stockmeyer Wissenschaftspreis

On September 26, 2019, Katharina Scherf was awarded with the Science Award of the Heinrich-Stockmeyer-Foundation (Wissenschaftspreis der Heinrich-Stockmeyer-Stiftung) during the 59th Food Hygiene Workshop in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, DE. The award recognizes outstanding research projects in food sciences and is endowed with 5000 Euros. In accordance with the purposes of the Foundation, the award-winning projects offer practical solutions and application-oriented research to improve food safety and consumer protection as well as to strengthen consumer trust in food quality and safety. Scherf receives the prize for her habilitation thesis and, more specifically, for the development of a new test to detect gluten in cereal products that is already commercially available and more accurate than previously used methods.

Stockmeyer Wissenschaftspreis


Majlinda Xhaferaj starts her PhD thesis on “Improved reference materials for the analysis of gluten from wheat, rye and barley”. Welcome to our group!

Together with Alberto Caminero, Michelle Colgrave and Melanie Downs, Katharina Scherf is Guest Editor for the Research Topic “Gluten, from plant to plate: Implications for people with celiac disease” in Frontiers in Plant Science and Frontiers in Nutrition (Frontiers, Lausanne, Switzerland). The deadline for manuscript submission is August 16, 2019.