Department of Bioactive and Functional Food Chemistry

Department of Bioactive and Functional Food Chemistry


We focus on answering the following main research questions:

How do different factors influence structure, functionality and bioactivity within proteins as well as between proteins and other food components?

How do environmental factors influence the protein composition of crops and how can this knowledge be used to improve food security, food quality and food safety?

Why does the prevalence of food hypersensitivities, e.g., celiac disease or allergies, increase within the population?




Patrick Gröger starts his MSc theses on the effect of different lipases on dough and baking properties of fine bakery goods. Welcome to our group!


Nora Jahn joins our group and will start her PhD thesis on "Rediscovery of regional ancient grain varieties". Welcome back to our group!

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Recent papers

Geisslitz S, America AHP, Scherf KA (2020) Anal Bioanal Chem 412: 1277-1289. Mass spectrometry of in-gel digests reveals differences in amino acid sequences of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits in spelt and emmer compared to common wheat. doi: 10.1007/s00216-019-02341-9

Xhaferaj M, Alves TO, Ferreira MS, Scherf KA (2020) Journal of Cereal Science 96, 103114. Recent progress in analytical method development to ensure the safety of gluten-free foods for celiac disease patients. doi: 10.1016/j.jcs.2020.103114

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Interested in studying Food Chemistry?

Do you want to know how foods are composed and how they react during, e.g., heating?

Do you want to ensure our foods are safe to consume?

Do you like doing analytical experiments in the laboratory?

Then studying Food Chemistry is the right choice for you!